Born in Germany, raised in Spain, having graduated from an English school and being lucky enough to call people from all across the globe my family and friends, I have always felt like a child of the world and deeply connected to diverse languages and cultures. For this reason and because of my love for theatre/film music and dance, my biggest passion is to express this connection through my work. I believe that music, like all art forms, has the ability to heal and overcome boundaries such as our background or belief. My Album AMANI will be released in 2022, but you can listen to its first three Singles ONE, SPIRIT and HOME on here and all streaming platforms.

Musical Journey of AMANI

When I decided I wanted to professionally record my music, my first priority was to work with people who fully understand my message. Fate guided me to Iceland, where I was very lucky to meet and work with Czech Oscar-winner Markéta Irglová and Sturla Mio Thorrison who have performed with and produced for renowned artists such as Damien Rice, Björk, Glen Hansard and Danish singer-songwriter Tina Dickow.

Since their release, my songs and collaborations have been played on various acclaimed radio stations, such as the BBC in the UK and RTE1 in Ireland.

I hope my music resonates with you and that you enjoy listening!

All my love and gratitude, Nadine x